My Hoya Moteski is blooming...

Isn't it pretty? I love hoyas, I can't wait for my hoya macgillivrayi to bloom but that will be a while. I just recently purchase hoya macgillivrayi "Mt Tozer" from Asiatica since they are closing up shop. It will have a huge, almost black bloom.

Well, here is my hoya moteski, it originally had two blooms but one of them had mealy bugs on it, I dipped it in alcohol and the buds blasted. :(

For Some Reason...

I was thinking about the LA riots and reginald Denny. He was the truck driver that was pulled from his semi during the LA riots. I never could believe what they did to him but I didn't realize his injuries were this bad.

Here is a picture of him after he was stitched up:

Here is a youtube video of the LA riots and the poor guy being ripped from his truck. It just seems like yesterday that this happened but it has been 18 years.